June 19, 2021

The Capital Corps Rebrands To The Change Company


February 17, 2021 10:58 AM Eastern Standard Time

Originally Published on Yahoo! Finance 

The Capital Corps, America’s Community Development Financial Institution (CDFI), today announced its new name – The Change Company.

Over 100 million American consumers and small businesses – including nearly half of all Black and Latino consumers – are underbanked due to systemic economic inequality. The Change Company levels the financial playing field for the underbanked by delivering social and racial equity in its lending and banking solutions. The Change Company has made over $10 billion in loans to 50,000 borrowers since its certification as a CDFI in 2018.

Founder Steven Sugarman stated, "The Change Company’s mission is to bank the unbanked, fairly and responsibly. We do this by bringing digital-first solutions to the resolution of social and racial inequities in lending and banking. Our mission of change begins in our boardroom where minority leaders comprise two-thirds of our Board of Directors and executive management team. Our mission of change is also reflected in our lending where Black, Latino, and underserved borrowers account for two-thirds of our loans. As we surpass $10 billion in annual lending, we are proud to bring needed capital to American families, communities, and minorities seeking to break the inter-generational poverty resulting from a legacy of unequal access to lending and banking services. Our new name – The Change Company – reflects our mission and our passion for immediate solutions to end the persistent structural economic inequalities that continue to impact minority and lower income Americans."

Community Board Chairman and Reverend Everett Bell stated, "Over 50 years after the Watts riots, it is long past time for talk, and it is now time for Change. Black communities need real solutions to address the racial inequities that continue to infect our financial system. We cannot wait another 50 years for policymakers to address the issues resulting in the inability of Black and Latino consumers to get home loans, credit cards, and consumer loans on equal terms with other borrowers. The Change Company has the integrity, community commitment, and financial expertise to bring loans and banking services to minority and low-income communities that continue to be left out of our financial system."

Co-Founder Jeff Seabold added, "This rebranding represents an important milestone as we continue to disrupt the existing social and racial inequities in banking. We will continue to invest in digital innovation, proprietary products, and advocacy to expand access to capital and banking services to the underbanked."

The Change Company is a CDFI that operates five businesses to deliver on its mission to bank the underbanked, fairly and responsibly.

  • Change Lending provides lending to homeowners, small businesses, and consumers. Home loans are made through its Change Home Loan division.
  • Change Finance provides digital banking services including payments, cards, cash management, and other financial solutions for the underbanked. Change Finance partners with insured depository institutions and insurance companies to offer banking and insurance solutions to its clients.
  • Change AMC provides appraisal management services to homeowners to ensure accurate and unbiased appraisals are secured from qualified appraisers with knowledge of the diverse neighborhoods and unique characteristics of The Change Company’s borrowers.
  • xChange is a digital loan exchange where impact investors can finance high quality, high impact loans to create social change consistent with their risk appetite. xChange’s investors include banks seeking credit under the Community Reinvestment Act; institutional investors seeking to fulfill their Environmental, Social, Corporate Governance (ESG) missions; and socially responsible individuals and institutions seeking to promote change.
  • ChangeLabs provides incubation and continuous innovation for financial technologies that reduce structural economic inequalities in banking and lending.


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