Traditional banks don’t provide all Americans their best technology, their best programs, and their best loans. We do. We bring the digital-first banking, lending, and financial services to everyone. Let’s spread homeownership and banking services to all Americans. Join us in disrupting banking, lending and the status quo.
It’s time for Change.

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It’s time
for Change.

The racial wealth gap is REAL and we’re here to CHANGE that. ChangeFi offers the best lending and digital banking solutions to help bring equal access to the American Dream.

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We are America’s CDFI.  The Change Company is certified by the United States Department of the Treasury as a Community Development Financial Institution to eliminate social and racial inequity in banking and lending in America.

$25 Billion

LOANS  Funded





Our Purpose

Eliminate social and racial inequities by actively closing the wealth gap

Grow Black, Latino, and underbanked businesses and homeownership

Empower all Americans to pursue their dreams by providing equal access to financial tools

Home Loans


Most banks have the same requirements for tax returns, bank statements, credit reports, and everything in between… leaving  far too many people behind. Not us, so we CHANGED it! Explore our Traditional and Non-Traditional home lending solutions today.

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Digital Banking

banking built for us

Mobile banking is so much more than just being able to check your account on the go. Download the ChangeFi App to discover Bill Pay, Direct Deposit, Peer-to-Peer Money Transfer, Guaranteed Loans, Credit Enhancement and so much more.

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empowering community development

Socially responsible investors can make impact investments in secure, first mortgages that pay an attractive return and increase homeownership for Black, Latino, low income and other creditworthy Americans.

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Our Customers

"We were introduced to the Community Mortgage as a way to buy the home that fit our needs. We were overjoyed to learn we could qualify with this new program."


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Thomas Lee

Testimonial Image

“In the middle of COVID-19, Change Home Mortgage made our dreams come true with getting our first home. Big thank you from the Walker family.”

Tanickia Walker

Testimonial Image

"With the guidance of Change Home Mortgage, I was given the chance to have my place back in America. I want to thank all the great people at Change for helping me be able to live the American dream again.”

Steven Winters

Testimonial Image

"My loan process was quick and easy. My loan was processed and underwritten without a snag and I received approval on time to keep my original closing date. Thanks, Change Home Mortgage!"

Ashergay Gibbison

Testimonial Image

"We were introduced to the Community Mortgage as a way to buy the home that fit our needs. We were overjoyed to learn we could qualify with this new program."


Testimonial Image

“I am so thankful for this opportunity. Change Home Mortgage is the best.”

Rashard Williams

Testimonial Image

"Being a first time home owner had many challenges but with Change Home Mortgage, I was able to overcome them all. Change was able to ease my worries and anxieties about the process and gave me confidence that I would overcome all hurdles in the home buying process."

LaQuisha Flannigan

Testimonial Image

“Facing the unknown as a first time home buyer and getting all the paperwork that I needed to apply for a mortgage was tedious, and I was happy to have Change Home Mortgage there to guide me through what could have been an overwhelming process."

Diane Pinckney

Testimonial Image

"Once we started working with Change, all our fears were put to rest. The Change Team did an outstanding job of helping us navigate through the entire process with no issues. We are currently living our best lives in our dream home, thanks to Change Home Mortgage.”

James Eades

Testimonial Image

"My realtor told me to try Change Home Mortgage. With Change, it took less than three weeks to close with a lower interest rate. I’m a homeowner because of Change. They are very transparent, on time, and trustworthy."

Louisa Duru

Testimonial Image

"The Change Home Mortgage team are heroes! They helped guide me through the homeownership process with such knowledge, experience, and grace. They worked day and night, to close the deal. Thank you for a wonderful home buying experience.

Dorian Washington