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ChangeFi’s CEO and President of Digital Banking

The Change Company has named B.C. Silver to be its President, Digital Banking and the Chief Executive Officer of Change Finance.

Changing the Inequality Wealth Gap Through Homeownership

The gap in racial inequity stretches across many different facets of everyday life in America, but one that shouldn’t be overlooked is homeownership.

Obtendrás todos los servicios financieros que necesitas, desde gastar, hasta ahorrar, en una sola app

ChangeFi ha estado creando la más avanzada tecnología para que puedas gastar, ahorrar, pedir préstamos y enviar dinero, sin largas esperas y -lo más importante- sin que te quiten dinero por cargos escondidos.

The Change Company Welcomes Chris Gardner to its Board

Mr. Gardner, author of The Pursuit of Happyness, brings his passion for inspiring systemic change and expanding access to the American dream

An Inside Look at The Change Company with B.C. Silver

"When you hear "It's Time For Change" or any news from us, we want you to be as excited as we are... because we're not playing any games. We're here to create lasting change, right now!"

The Change Company Partners with Netflix to Expand Black Homeownership

The Change Company announced today its partnership with Netflix to expand Black homeownership in America.